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Säng, elektrisk reglerbar, (svensk text)

Electric bed – lowest position
Electric bed – lowest position

Electric bed – raised
Electric bed – raised

Adapted control
Adapted control

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Electric bed

Adjustable height bed with back and foot adjustment; suitable for persons who have difficulties moving in bed

Electric bed. The bed bottom consists of three adjustable sections. A bed lift also makes it possible to adjust the height of the entire bed. This bed is also equipped with support and turning handle. The control unit has a “rocker arm adapter” (photo 3) which makes it easy for a person with impaired hand function to operate.

The bed has a mattress for pressure ulcer prevention.

Authors comments
The control unit (photo 3) is attached to the bed’s support and turning handle.

Invacare, www.invacare.com (last checked Maj 2017)

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County Council

Editors comments
The control unit “rocker arm adapter” is not available anymore. Invacare has other easy to handle control units (last checked May 2017).

Tip is dated from 2005

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