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Entrance to elevator on ground floor
Entrance to elevator on ground floor

Ground floor with code
Ground floor with code

User in elevator on top floor
User in elevator on top floor

User opens elevator door from the outside on the top floor
User opens elevator door from the outside on the top floor

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Elevator in old-fashioned house

An elevator that fits in with the style of the house and makes it wheelchair accessible

An older house with two floors, a basement and spiral stairway was renovated to make it wheelchair accessible. A tower was added for an elevator with four stops. The tower has a window at the height of the top floor. The window combined with the glass door of the elevator allows light to enter the otherwise dark hall on the top floor (Photos 3 and 4). On the ground floor the elevator opens with a code from the outside (Photo 2). On the top floor an elevator button was placed on the stairway railing a few meters from the elevator where it is easily accessible for the user (see Photo 4).

The elevator company modified the function of the elevator button. Usually the elevator button must be pressed the entire time that the elevator is moving, but the design was modified so the user only has to press once.

Model: Elevator NTD 2002

Authors comments
At first the user considered installing a stairlift, but this was impossible because of the spiral stairway down to the basement. Instead an elevator was built in a tower with exits to all floors. With this solution the entire entrance did not have to be rebuilt. The tower blends in with the style of the house and looks as though it has always been there, making the house even more charming.

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