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User rakes leaves into wheelbarrow
User rakes leaves into wheelbarrow

User walks with wheelbarrow
User walks with wheelbarrow

Wheelbarrow standing against a house wall
Wheelbarrow standing against a house wall

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Folding lightweight wheelbarrow

A lightweight wheelbarrow that is easy on the back – suitable for persons who have problems lifting and/or bending

The wheelbarrow consists of a steel frame, the actual cargo space is made of stable fabric. When you put the wheelbarrow down the fabric lies on the ground and you just have to rake all the grass or leaves right onto the fabric. No lifting is needed. The low center of gravity of the wheelbarrow makes it easy to wheel even heavy loads. The wheelbarrow can handle up to 150 kg. It is easy to tip to unload it.
The frame can be folded with a quick-release system. The wheelbarrow can be hung on a wall for storage.

Authors comments
It is difficult for the user to use an ordinary wheelbarrow. He feels this was a great solution and it is fun to use. He uses it for purposes such as transporting leaves and wood.

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  1. Var köper man denna skottkärra? Den går inte att beställa från Herrington eftersom de inte skickar varor till Sverige.

    Tacksam för svar via SMS

    Staffan Edin
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  2. Ett annat bra hjälpmedel är Styrbjörn. Ett kit som konverterar en vanlig skottkärra till eldrift!
    #5947# comment 2013-04-03

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