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Gear klocka, (svensk text)

User with his Gear watch
User with his Gear watch

User with his Gear watch (close-up)
User with his Gear watch (close-up)

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Gear watch

A convenient way to access the mobile phone - suitable for people with disabilities

A wristwatch that is connected to the mobile phone and can easily control the mobile no matter where the mobil is located. Incoming calls are displayed on the watch and can be answered with a simple press of a single button, or the phone call can be made using voice control. You also haveaccess to text messages, internet, your calender and your apps camera and media player.

The watch works together with a number of Galaxy smartphones.

Authors comments
The user greatly appreciates this assistive device. He finds himself in many situations where it is difficult to access the mobile phone, such as when he is lying in bed.

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Tip is dated from 2014

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