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Hall i anpassad villa, (svensk text)

Hall with absorbent mat
Hall with absorbent mat

User by hall bureau
User by hall bureau

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Hall in adapted house

Highly absorbent mat and hall bureau - suitable for wheelchair users

The entrance hall has a highly absorbent mat and a bureau with large, easy-sliding drawers.

Authors comments
The user, who has three young children, is pleased with the chest of drawers. Family members have their own drawers and the user can easily reach the children’s outerwear.

The mat in the hall should be longer to allow at least one full turn with the wheels. With the current arrangement he still drags in dirt and moisture.

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Editors comments
Clas Ohlsson, www.clasohlson.se has a similar door mat (Devlon door mat) in various sizes (last checked July 2017).

Tip is dated from 2011

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