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Aluminum suitcases
Aluminum suitcases

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Handy packing

Aluminum suitcases for storage of fragile items such as music and computer accessories - can also be used as support or tray on lap for wheelchair users

Strong plastic suitcase covered in aluminum with reinforced edges and corners, padded interior, and locking snap lock and handle. The user stores items such as musical instruments, music accessories, photo and computer accessories in them.

Authors comments
The idea of suitcases in different colors evolved after a friend "threatened" the user when he brought five black suitcases on a car trip. Each time the friend went to get something from the trunk they quarreled. They went to Bauhaus, bought four suitcases in different colors - problem solved. In addition to the benefits of different colors, they are lightweight and can also be used as support to lean on in order to maintain balance when taking photos or playing the harmonica (see associated tip), mm.

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In Sweden: outlets such as Biltema, www.biltema.se (last checked May 2017) or Bauhaus

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Tip is dated from 2008

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