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Hjälpa barn att gunga, (svensk text)

Thin rope from sailboat. Photo from mammapappalam.se
Thin rope from sailboat. Photo from mammapappalam.se

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Helping children to swing

A rope with a loop is threaded through the swing before the child climbs up on it – suitable for parents with disabilities who have young children

The rope allows a parent to get the swing moving from a greater distance away from the swing. The parent uses the long rope to pull the swing instead of pushing it.

Authors comments
I didn’t have to move out of the way of the swing and could remain in the same place regardless of the speed of the swing. The rope was rather thin (from a sailboat) and had a loop at one end.

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The tip comes from mammapappalam.se

Tip is dated from 2016

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assisting others/childcare » play, Tips and tricks from people with Low paraplegia (Th11- S1, ASIA A, B).

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The child steps on the bucket to climb up into the swing. Photo from mammapappalam.seHelping children up into the swing
The child can use an upside down bucket as a stepping stool to make it easier to climb into the swing independently
Tip is dated from 2016.

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