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Lämpligt knivblock för personer med nedsatt grepp, (svensk text)

Knife block
Knife block

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Knife block suitable for persons with impaired grip

A knife block in which knives are placed horizontally is suitable for persons with impaired grip.

Sturdy, heavy wooden knife block for 6 large kitchen knives. Blade placement is horizontal.

Authors comments
A knife block is a safe way for Susanne to store knives. It gives her a chance to get a secure grip before removing the knife. Starting from a horizontal position is best for her.

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Tip is dated from 2005

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One comment:

  1. When I looked at this on Amazon, I wasn't sure if I weantd to spend the money on it or not, but I'm glad I did. The wood finish is very presentable on my counter. After I purchased some new knives, my old wood block didn't have enough room for the new knives and some of the older ones I weantd to keep. The Kapoosh was able to accept all my old knives, all my new knives, and a couple which had been hanging out in a drawer.A few reviewers mentioned that the knives sometimes slice off the little plastic rods. I had that happen once and it is no big deal. It happened because I wasn't pulling the knife straight out. I just tossed the plastic rod and went about my business. There are so many of those little rods in there, and one less just helps make room for another knife!I am happy with my purchase.
    #3524# comment 2012-06-11

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