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Massagekulor i olika utformningar, (svensk text)


Massager tools
Massager tools

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Massage rollers in various designs

Massage rollers help relieve muscle tension

Small easy-to-use rolling (photo 1) and fixed (photo 2) massagers. Can be used on all muscles in the body.

Authors comments
The user often has neck pain. Each evening she is massaged with the small massager (see photo 1). Afterwards she uses liniment (see associated tip) which helps relieve her pain. She uses the large massager on her thighs to increase circulation.

She uses the large fixed massager for each thigh and calf.

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Editors comments
NOTE: do not massage the spine.

Tip is dated from 2008

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looking after ones health » cope with pain, preventing/treating muscle tensions, Tips and tricks from people with High tetraplegia without function in arms and hands (C2-4, ASIA A, B).

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Tip is dated from 2008.

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