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Microwave with pull-out board underneath
Microwave with pull-out board underneath

Cut-out opening in pull-out board (close-up)
Cut-out opening in pull-out board (close-up)

Adapted cabinet
Adapted cabinet

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Microwave oven

People without active hand function can independently heat food and prepare coffee in the microwave.

The cabinet under the microwave has a slide-out board with an opening cut out in which an instant coffee jar fits. An adapted coffee scoop sits on a small hook on the board. The microwave has touch buttons and the handle has a small loop.

Technique: The user takes his mug, which he stores in the wheelchair, fills it with water and places it on the pull-out board. He places his hand in the hook on the scoop, scoops out instant coffee and pours it in the mug.

Technique for heating food: In order to take food out of the microwave the user pulls out the entire glass plate that is inside the oven and slides it over onto his knees. He rides with it to the table and slides the entire glass plate over onto the table. Usually he uses the table that he has on a stand on his wheelchair (see associated tip).

Authors comments
The mounting for the scoop makes it possible for the user to grasp the scoop himself. He can open the microwave himself using the loop on the handle.

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Tip is dated from 2006

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