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Musik - ombyggd el-gitarr, (svensk text)

User with guitar on lap
User with guitar on lap

User plays guitar with four strings
User plays guitar with four strings

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Music - modified electric guitar

Playing a guitar with only four strings – opportunity for persons with impaired dexterity

The user chose a small guitar that sits well on his lap. He removed the E strings and tunes with the A, D, G, and H strings from above. Now the guitar is tuned so that he can hold down all of the strings at once. This tuning method makes it possible to play with one finger or with a slide.

Authors comments
The user had played the guitar before he was injured. He was sad that he could no longer play a musical instrument, but then he figured out how to adapt the guitar.

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Tip is dated from 2008

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Tip is dated from 2008.


  1. Hi ,any youtube clips of you playing this guitar? regards Ruud www.mybreathmymusic.com
    #379# comment 2010-11-28
  2. No but you can hear it on two spots on my space / Dizzy Drunk & Disabled (All songs)
    and the the song Just A Dream Away whith the band BABY SAID YEAH!
    #383# comment 2010-12-08

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