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Ugn och microvågsugn i anpassat kök, (svensk text)

User opens the oven
User opens the oven

Stacked oven and microwave
Stacked oven and microwave

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Oven and microwave in custom kitchen

Positioning option for wheelchair users

Oven and microwave are installed in a cabinet on top of each other, the oven slightly below his working height and the microwave above it. A counter with knee space under it is located adjacent to the oven and microwave.
The oven has a door that opens downwards, the microwave has a side-hinged door.

Authors comments
Stacking the oven and microwave saves space. This solution works well for the user. He puts things on the open oven door.

The user

Tip is dated from 2011

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Tip is dated from 2011.

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