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Mugg i plast, (svensk text)

Mug with large handle
Mug with large handle

User drinks from mug
User drinks from mug

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Plastic mug

Mug with adapted handle – suitable for persons with loss of sensation or impaired hand function

A glass sits in an insulating plastic holder. The holder has a large handle and supportive edging that allows a two-handed grip. The large base prevents the mug from tipping.

Model: Tasty

Purchased from
E.g. www.etacbutiken.se (senast kontrollerad May 2017)

Paid for by
County Council

Editors comments
For persons having difficulties keeping a cup steady while drinking, there is an alternative, a cup with a rotatable handel, se www.handsteady.com (last checked May 2017).

Tip is dated from 2005

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