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Pressure relieving mattress (bild one)
Pressure relieving mattress (bild one)

Control unit sits on the footboard of the bed
Control unit sits on the footboard of the bed

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Pressure relieving mattress

Mattress for pressure ulcer prevention with quiet motor – suitable for persons with ulcer problems

Mattress for pressure ulcer prevention that automatically sets different zones based on the user’s individual needs and position in bed.
Options include either alternating low pressure or constant low pressure. The mattress can also be set to “hard” in order to facilitate dressing. A warning signal serves as a reminder to return the mattress to the alternate pressure setting.

The mattress has a small compact control unit, which is available with a long tube. The easy-to-clean mattress cover is made of breathable fabric. The mattress operates quietly.

Model: Duo 2

Authors comments
The user is satisfied with the mattress, it is much quieter than other mattresses he has had in the past.


Purchased from
Liko, www.liko.se (last checked February 2017)

Paid for by
County Council

Editors comments
Many people with chronic pain consider the mattress to be good.

Tip is dated from 2006

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looking after ones health » preventing/healing ulcers, Tips and tricks from people with High tetraplegia without function in arms and hands (C2-4, ASIA A, B).

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Tip is dated from 2006.

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