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ROHO-MINI-MAX cushion on shower chair
ROHO-MINI-MAX cushion on shower chair

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Pressure relieving shower cushion

Used successfully in many contexts, such as the shower, airplane trips, the car, etc.

ROHO single chamber cushion with extremely low profile; used in the shower, but also as a cushion for travel by car, plane, etc.


Authors comments
Erika is very satisfied with the cushion and uses it in many contexts, including in the shower, on planes and in the car. It is easy to bring along.

Purchased from
Permobil, permobilus.com (last checked May 2017)

Paid for by
County council

Editors comments
Roho Mini-MAx is not avilable anymore. Alternativs are ROHO Low Profile or ROHO Adaptor.

It is important to check the air pressure of the Roho cushion regularly since a puncture or defective valve can cause it to lose air.

Tip is dated from 2005

Categories for this tip
looking after ones health » preventing/healing ulcers, self care » washing oneself, Tips and tricks from people with Low tetraplegia with partly function in arms/hands (C7- Th1, ASIA A, B).

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Tip is dated from 2005.

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