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Scooter för resor, (svensk text)

User drives his scooter outdoors
User drives his scooter outdoors

User drives over a threshold with his scooter
User drives over a threshold with his scooter

User with his scooter indoors
User with his scooter indoors

Scooter, disassembled
Scooter, disassembled

Scooter with handlebar folded
Scooter with handlebar folded

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Scooter for travel

Small, convenient electric scooter that can easily be disassembled - suitable for travel

A small, light, convenient and quiet scooter, which can easily be disassembled into manageable parts to fit in the car and on flights. The length and seat height are adjustable. The scooter is not as strong as a large outdoor scooter, see related tip, but it can handle low thresholds.

Model: Shoprider Laber

Authors comments
The user frequently travels and is very satisfied with the Shoprider. He uses it a lot, even when he is indoors at home. It is very durable and reliable; in the four years he has had it has never broken down. He only had to change the batteries once.
A small drawback is that the seat is small and hard, and even in the highest position it is too low for users who are tall. He compensates with a cushion. Good trunk balance is necessary.
The user recommends marking the parts with ‘fragile’ labels for air travel.

Check eBay, sometimes a used scooter is for sale there.

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Editors comments
Shoprider Laber is not avaolable anymore. Shoprider, www.shoprider.com has other small models of scooters. Other similar products are for example Colibri from Invacare, www.invacare.se (last cecked July 2017).

Tip is dated from 2011

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mobility » flying, moving around by wheelchair, travelling » mobility on trips, Tips and tricks from people with Tetraplegia with motor function allowing ambulation (C2-Th1, ASIA D, E).

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Tip is dated from 2011.

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  1. For all those suffering from a walking disability, innovations such as mobility scooters can be a great boon in helping them move around and becoming self-reliant. Small, easy to operate, battery powered and many can carry upto 300 pounds. Highly recommended for all those who are highly overweight
    #3541# comment 2012-06-12

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