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User with Back on Track shirt
User with Back on Track shirt

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Shirt that stays warm and dressing technique

Appropriate clothing for people with disabilities

The shirt is made of polyester/polypropylene with melted ceramic powder. The ceramic powder reflects body heat as infrared radiation to keep the body warm. The fabric also relieves pain and increases circulation. The shirt is ribbed, which makes it soft and stretchy.

Model: Back on Track

In order to put on the shirt the user sits either at a table where he can support himself on his elbows or he squats, so he can support his elbows on his legs. He is unable to button shirts.

Authors comments
The user loves his Back on Track shirt. It is easy to put on and it is warm.

The user chooses his clothing with great care. T-shirts or pullover shirts that are not too tight are the easiest to put on. Shirts with zippers also work well. He likes shirts with snaps.

The user's shoulders are weak and he cannot raise his arms. Due to loss of sensation in his hands he needs help with small buttons.

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Tip is dated from 2008

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looking after ones health » keeping warm/ keeping cool, self care » dressing, Tips and tricks from people with Tetraplegia with motor function allowing ambulation (C2-Th1, ASIA D, E).

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Tip is dated from 2008.

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