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Roho-Adaptor cushion on Swift shower stool
Roho-Adaptor cushion on Swift shower stool

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Shower stool with pressure-relieving cushion

- suitable for people who lack sensation

Stable shower stool with detachable adjustable-height legs that adapt to uneven surfaces. A small cushion with dense air cells is used on the stool to reduce pressure.

Model: Etac Swift (shower stool)
Roho Adaptor (pressure-relieving cushion)

Authors comments
Roho Adaptor is also used in sauna, see related tip.

Purchased from
Shower stool: Etac, www.etac.com ; Cushion: permobilus.com (last checked July 2017)

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County Council

Tip is dated from 2011

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looking after ones health » preventing/healing ulcers, self care » washing oneself, Tips and tricks from people with Low paraplegia (Th11- S1, ASIA A, B).

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One comment:

  1. I've broken two of these now, each lasting about 7 to 8 years. The weak point is if you stand on it on even a slighly uneven surface (like one wheel on a kitchen rug and the other two wheels on the tile floor), the stem on the wheel caster will snap off and break. Because it is plastic and weight bearing, the caster wheel stem cannot be repaired. I've searched for a replacement caster, but it seems difficult to find an exact match. The step stool works ok with just two wheels, but doesn't roll as nicely, and I think it won't be long before another wheel snaps and breaks. I'm thinking of buying the all steel rolling kick stool. This model is almost all plastic material.
    #2959# comment 2012-02-22

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