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Toilet seat covered with wood board, water heater
Toilet seat covered with wood board, water heater

Toilet without wood board
Toilet without wood board

User with hand shower on toilet
User with hand shower on toilet

Toilet and shower curtain
Toilet and shower curtain

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Shower/toilet on adapted sailboat

Practical space-saving solution for shower and toilet on adapted sailboat.

Inside the cabin of the sailboat is a toilet covered with a folding wood board. The toilet has a septic tank with a capacity of 25 l. An LPG-powered water heater hangs on the wall next to the toilet. A 100 liter tank for fresh water is located in the forecastle. The shower can be set to use either fresh water or seawater. There is a stop cock on the shower handle. A pump pumps the shower water out of the boat. The custom shower curtain is sewn using spinnaker fabric and hung with “snap locks” at 4 points.

Authors comments
The water heater is important for the user’s well-being. Warm water is necessary for a satisfactory toilet experience. A warm shower reduces spasticity.

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Tip is dated from 2005

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Tip is dated from 2005.

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