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Skidstavar för sitski, (svensk text)

User on Sitski with poles Tornado Flexible.
User on Sitski with poles Tornado Flexible.

User brakes on hill with hinged ski poles
User brakes on hill with hinged ski poles

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Ski poles for Sitski

Tornado flip poles are flexible and work well when riding on sitski

Ski poles have handles like crutches. A strap attaches the pole around the forearm. On the bottom is a folding ski for the pole. The ski pole is very light and has many settings: It can be lengthened with a quick locking mechanism without any tools; the angle of the ski pole is also adjustable. The handles are adjustable vertically and horizontally. Folding the ski pole up provides a grip in icy snow and on the slopes.

Model: Flip poles - Tornado Flexible

Authors comments
The flexible ski poles are incredibly lightweight and have a convenient grip. With slightly inwardly rotated hands and the ski pole held straight ahead riding is relaxed because no unnecessary muscles have to work. Additional information is available at hem.fyristorg.com/NordicSitski/html-hemsida-2002/index.html (last checked Jan 2022)

Nordic Sitski

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Nordic Sitski, hem.fyristorg.com/NordicSitski/html-hemsida-2002/index.html (last checked June 2017)

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Tip is dated from 2007

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Tip is dated from 2007.
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Tip is dated from 2007.

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