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Skridskokälke, (svensk text)

User with sled on ice skates. 
Photo: Tomas Engblom
User with sled on ice skates. Photo: Tomas Engblom

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Sled on skate runners

Ice skating for people with disabilities

The sled on skate runners features a custom-designed seat that provides good support for the trunk. Even persons with extremely impaired trunk stability can sit steadily in this seat. Long-distance skates are fitted under the seat. The user moves forward with the help of a pair of short sticks with sharp points.

Authors comments
Ice skating on a sled is one of the few winter activities that Erika enjoys. She experiences it as mild exercise that does not place too much strain on her shoulders. During the winter the Rekryteringsgruppen Friluft group offers ice skating lessons for both beginners and more experienced skaters. It helps to learn the right technique. If you have impaired hand function and have a hard time holding the poles a special glove and/or duct tape can solve the problem.

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