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Högtalartelefon på svängbar arm, (svensk text)

Telephone on swivel arm
Telephone on swivel arm

Holder for telephone arm screwed to desk
Holder for telephone arm screwed to desk

Telephone (close-up)
Telephone (close-up)

Adapted button (close-up)
Adapted button (close-up)

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Speaker phone on swivel arm

Adapted speaker phone works for a person without active hand function

The speaker phone (Doro) sits on a swivel arm. The user presses on the buttons with his knuckles. A piece of plastic is glued to the speaker function button to enlarge it (photo 4).

Now each button on the telephone has also been fitted with a round self-adhesive and transparent plastic disc (not shown in these photos), which makes it easier for the user to press the buttons. The plastic discs are usually used as pads in kitchen drawers.

The most important phone numbers are programmed into the phone. The user also takes advantage of a “Free Directory Assistance” service (see associated tip).

The telephone arm is designed so that it also has room for remote control units (see associated tip).

Authors comments
Enlarging small buttons means a lot to the user and makes it so he can use the buttons. He has this modification of buttons on many appliances.

Build instructions
Adapted telephone button: take a piece (about 0.5 cm) of catheter tube, glue it to the telephone button and fill it with hot melt adhesive from the glue gun (other adhesive probably works too).

The user and his brother

Purchased from
Office supply stores (svivel arm)

The user

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The user

Tip is dated from 2006

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communication » use of phone, Tips and tricks from people with High tetraplegia with partly function in arms/hands (C5-6, ASIA A, B).

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