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Förflyttning från minivan till rullstol, (svensk text)

User moves from car to wheelchair (film)

User takes the wheelchair out of the car
User takes the wheelchair out of the car

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Transfer from minivan to wheelchair

Transfer technique from a car with sliding doors – suitable for wheelchair users with strong arms

The user opens the driver's door, positions himself with his legs outwards and also opens the sliding door in back. He hooks his left arm around the headrest for balance and rolls the wheelchair down stepwise with his right arm. He positions the wheelchair at an angle in front of the passenger door. He places his right leg in the car again, while his left leg hangs outwards. He transfers to the wheelchair by using his right hand to hold on to the handle that sits above the car door opening. He uses his left hand to support himself on the wheelchair.

Authors comments
The technique is useful with a minivan that has sufficiently wide sliding doors on the side. The car seats between the rows have to be removed. Sliding doors that automatically open and close make the task easier. The lower the car, the easier it is to carry out this technique. The wheelchair does not have to be dismantled.

The user

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