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Förflyttning från rullstol till säng, (svensk text)

Assistant grasps the user's trousers; user holds on to the assistant
Assistant grasps the user's trousers; user holds on to the assistant

Assistant moves user
Assistant moves user

User sits on edge of the bed
User sits on edge of the bed

Transfer from wheelchair to bed (film)

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Transfer from wheelchair to bed

Simple lift technique with an assistant's help, but without a lift

The user positions herself with the wheelchair at a 45 degree angle in relation to the bed. The assistant pulls her forward in the chair by grasping her knees. The user resists by supporting herself with her arms extended on the wheels. The assistant places the user's feet on the floor in front of the foot bar. The assistant stands in front of the user and grasps the user's trousers, while the user bends forward and places her arms around the assistant's back. The assistant takes the user's knees between her legs so the user's knees do not collapse and to get good leverage. The assistant transfers the user over in a half-standing position. The user lies down on the bed, by supporting herself first on her extended arms and then on her elbows. The assistant lifts up the user's leg in the bed while the user moves with her upper body so that she lies straight on the bed.

Authors comments
The user, who is very tall, feels that the technique works best with short assistants. A short assistant does not have to bend as much to grasp the user's trousers. During the transfer itself the assistant can stand with a straight back. The user has a sliding board. She teaches both techniques to assistants, but they all rejected the sliding board. The technique also works for transfers to and from the shower chair.

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Tip is dated from 2007

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  1. I think ya clips brilliant,my only problem is recently well last year for the first time in ten years I've put weight on!
    But the plan this year is to pull my finger out an train to lose the weight I've gained...I too prefer your method but when you have a care agency they insist on using the hoist which i find very undignified...I must start doing it your way again then the raisers can come off the bed..
    Many Thanks and lovely of you to show others it can be done in this way.
    #455# comment 2011-02-03

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