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Travel kitchen
Travel kitchen

User prepares salad with the suitcase as a work surface
User prepares salad with the suitcase as a work surface

Halogen hotplate
Halogen hotplate

Induction hotplate
Induction hotplate

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Travel kitchen

Kitchen travel kit that makes it easy for a person who uses a wheelchair to prepare food, even if the environment is not adapted

The travel kitchen consists of a hard suitcase that can be used as a work surface held on a lap. It contains an ergonomic  peeler, a flexible cutting board, sharp knives and an electric halogen hotplate (photo 3) or an induction hotplate (photo 4), an extremely quick hotplate that is ideal for stir frying and deep frying.

Authors comments
The user feels that the travel kitchen is superb. It allows him to help with the cooking, any time, anywhere. It is also ideal for a camping vacation/holiday.

He also uses other suitcases and a lap cushion as a tray and to keep balance, see associated tips.

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Tip is dated from 2009

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household tasks » preparing meals, recreation, leisure » camping/motor home, travelling » preparing meals on trips, Tips and tricks from people with Low tetraplegia with partly function in arms/hands (C7- Th1, ASIA A, B).

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