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Att resa med elektrisk rullstol och respirator, (svensk text)

User at the beach
User at the beach

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Traveling with electric wheelchair and ventilator

Works well with the right luggage and preparations

The user travels with 4 to 6 assistants depending on the length of the trip. The suitcases are numbered and each assistant is responsible for a few of them.

The assistive devices she brings along when she travels include: shower chair, a manual lift, two ventilators, emergency equipment for the ventilator with suction and bag valve mask (see associated tip), short and long ramps, extra tightening strap, hockey pucks to raise the bed (see associated tip), portable basin, tire puncture repair kit, purchased at a gas station (see associated tip). If she flies she also brings a manual wheelchair. The electric wheelchair is packed in advance in a box for shipping. She brings an extension cord for her electrical appliances and when needed an adapter (Travelstar) and transformer.

Authors comments
It is important for the user to carefully plan her trips. She chooses destinations in countries with relatively good accessibility. She checks in advance that the hotel is accessible and spacious so that there is room for a manual lift and there is a handheld shower, not just a bathtub with a fixed faucet. She also checks the electric current used in the country and what the electrical plugs look like.
She notifies the airline that she uses a ventilator since not all airlines accept ventilators.

Tip is dated from 2008

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