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Rullstolstennis, (svensk text)

User plays tennis
User plays tennis

User plays tennis
User plays tennis

Tennis player
Tennis player

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Wheelchair tennis

Wheelchair tennis - a sport that can work for people with disabilities

Wheelchair tennis is played by individuals with different types of motor disabilities who operate a wheelchair. Court, equipment and rules are exactly the same as ordinary tennis, with the only exception that the ball may bounce two times with a ground stroke. A tennis player in a wheelchair can play against an unimpaired player without any problem. Elite players use essentially the same repertoire of strokes as in ordinary tennis. The ground stroke also has an equivalent power and depth. However, the two-handed grip is not used, since the player must use one hand to steer the wheelchair. (Source: Wikipedia).

Wheelchair tennis players use a special wheelchair and users with impaired hand function tape the racket to their hand, see associated tip.

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There are two classes; a doctor assigns players to the class. One class is for people with paraplegia, one for people with tetraplegia (low function in at least 3 extremities).

Tip is dated from 2009

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recreation, leisure » sports, Tips and tricks from people with Motor incomplete tetraplegia (C2-Th1, ASIA C, D).

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User in tennis chair from the frontTennis wheelchair
Special wheelchair with anti-tip device and positioning belt. The wheelchair is used to play tennis
Tip is dated from 2009.
User with tennis racket taped to his handTaping tennis racket in place
Taping makes it possible for a tennis player with impaired hand function to firmly grip the racket
Tip is dated from 2009.

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