homepageTips and tricks from people with spinal cord injuries (SCI).
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Mobility: Ambulation

7 tips and ideas 
User with crutchesCrutches
Practical crutches with adjustable forearm support and anatomical handle
User on donkeyDonkey as means of transport
A method to get around in difficult terrain – suitable for people who have problems walking
User walks with his folding cane.Folding cane
- easy and convenient to bring along
User with non-slip device on shoes, halfway onNon-slip device for shoes
An important assistive device for persons with impaired gait
User with polesPoles for pole walking
Poles helps persons keep their balance – suitable for persons with impaired gait
The user holds onto the railingRailing along path
Railing along path helps persons with impaired gait
Stairway railingStaircase with railing
Stairway railing – important for persons with impaired gait