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Housing: Appliances

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Built-in microwave ovenBuilt-in microwave oven
Space-saving installation of microwave oven in accessible kitchen.
User pulls baking sheet out on telescoping trackBuilt-in wall oven in accessible kitchen
Telescoping track makes it easy to put food in/take food out of the oven
Ceramic cooktopCeramic cooktop in a modified kitchen
A flat cooktop facilitates handling of pots and reduces the risk of tipping.
Cooktop with knee space underneathCooktop with knee space underneath
Cooktop with room below, appropriate for wheelchair users
Ceramic cooktopCooktop with knee space underneath
Touch panel on cooktop – suitable for persons with impaired hand function
Countertop dishwasher with basket pulled outCountertop dishwasher in modified kitchen
A countertop dishwasher that fits below a low work surface.
Dishwasher openDishwasher in accessible kitchen
Dishwasher placement is important for optimal handling of dishes by persons with disabilities
DishwasherDishwasher in accessible kitchen
For persons who cannot reach far it is important that the dishwasher baskets are designed so that all kinds of dishes can be placed toward the front of the baskets
User by freezerFreezer with slide-out bins
Large freezer in modified kitchen – wheelchair users only reach the lower sliding bins
User at dishwasher, flatware compartment pulled outKitchen - dishwasher Miele
Slide-out flatware compartment makes it easy to see and sort flatware – suitable for wheelchair users or persons who have difficulties to bend
Oven and microwaveMicrowave installed above oven
A microwave that is only used to heat food can be placed above the oven, even in an accessible kitchen.
Microwave with pull-out board underneathMicrowave oven
People without active hand function can independently heat food and prepare coffee in the microwave.
User opens microwave ovenMicrowave oven
Large handle on microwave oven – suitable for persons with impaired hand function
User at microwave ovenMicrowave oven
Position of microwave oven in accessible kitchen
Microwave oven on sliding boardMicrowave oven on sliding board
Microwave oven on sliding board – a solution for wheelchair users who have limited reach
Microwave oven with open doorMicrowave oven with door hinged at bottom
The microwave oven door can be used to put things on – appropriate for wheelchair users
Microwave ovenMicrowave oven with easy-grip handle
The handle is the deciding factor for choice of microwave oven for persons with impaired grip.
User opens oven doorOven
Oven placed at just the right height for a person sitting in a wheelchair.
User opens the ovenOven and microwave in custom kitchen
Positioning option for wheelchair users
Oven in upper cabinet with side-hinged doorOven in modified kitchen
Oven with side-opening door makes it easier for wheelchair users with impaired balance to remove hot bakeware from the oven.
User removes hot baking dish from ovenOven in modified kitchen
Oven with side-hinged door makes it easier for wheelchair users with impaired balance to place bakeware in oven and to remove it
Oven with side-hinged oven door and vertical handle; pull-out board belowOven with side-hinged oven door
Side-hinged oven with easy-grip handle, installed at wheelchair height
User between dishwasher and drawersPlacement of dishwasher
Careful planning of dishwasher placement makes it possible to load and unload dishes without having to move – suitable for wheelchair users
Two large refrigerators and freezersRefrigerator and freezer in accessible kitchen
Refrigerator and freezer with large handles at the right height for wheelchair users
Refrigerator and freezerRefrigerator and freezer in accessible kitchen
Counter space next to the refrigerator makes it easy to remove things and put them away - appropriate for wheelchair users.
Refrigerator and freezer standing side by sideRefrigerator and freezer in accessible kitchen
It is important to place things where a wheelchair user can reach them
User opens refrigeratorRefrigerator and freezer in accessible kitchen
Refrigerator and freezer with large easy-grip handles – appropriate for persons with impaired hand function
Refrigerator with door pulled outRefrigerator and freezer with pull-out doors and shelves
Refrigerator and freezer with pull-out doors and shelves work well for wheelchair-bound persons with impaired balance.
User by the ovenSide-hinged oven with extra magnets
Even if the oven is not installed in a cabinet it works well for wheelchair users with reasonable hand and arm function.
The user by the two-part refrigerator and freezerTwo-piece refrigerator and freezer in custom kitchen
- a practical solution for wheelchair users
Washing machine on pedestal with drawerWashing machine on pedestal
Elevated washing machine makes it easier for wheelchair users to do laundry