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Assisting others/childcare: Baby chairs

15 tips and ideas 
BabyBjörn highchair. Photo from mammapappalam.seBabybjörn Highchair
The tray on this highchair can be folded out of the way. The parent can then lift the child from the side and does not have to lift straight up.
Babysitter attached to tableBabysitter chair on table
Babysitter chair mounted on table with casters, appropriate for parents who are wheelchair users.
Book for parents with physical disabilitiesBook for parents with physical disabilities
Tips and ideas for parents of young children
Car seat Britax Dualfix. Photo from mammapappalam.seCar seat and infant carrier BRITAX DUALFIX
A car seat that can rotate 360 degrees – suitable for parents with disabilities
User moves child over to chair. 
Photo: Tomas EngblomChildren's chair that opens from the side
A children's chair that is suitable for wheelchair-using parents of young children and who find it difficult to lift the child in and out of an ordinary highchair.
Child in rotated car seat. Photo from www.pinterest.comCybex Sirona Car seat
A car seat that can rotate 360 degrees – suitable for parents with disabilities
The user moves his daughter to the highchairHighchair with fixed chest support
- a way to lift the child into a highchair for wheelchair users who have a strong upper body
Highchair with opening from the sideHighchair with opening from the side
Highchair appropriate for children whose parents sit in a wheelchair.
User with her baby in an infant carrier on wheelsInfant carrier on wheels
Ikea highchair mounted on a frame on casters. Photo from mammapappalam.seModified highchair
A seat from a highchair installed on a frame on castors – suitable for parents with disabilities who have young children
Child's seat attached to tablePortable highchair
Parents who are wheelchair users can attach this portable highchair to the table and lift the child into and out of the seat
Child in highchair with harnessSimple harness to secure child in highchair
- easy to handle for wheelchair users
Infant car seat on the back seat of the carSimplified lift for infant car seat
A parent with poor core balance found a way to lift the baby into an ordinary car seat installed directly on the back seat
Suspended highchair. Photo from mammapappalam.seSuspended highchair
A highchair without legs that is suspended directly on the table – suitable for parents who use a wheelchair
Trille highchair mounted on a chair with casters. Photo from mammapappalam.seTrille highchair mounted on a chair with casters
– suitable for parents with disabilities