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Mobility: Cycle/motorbike

18 tips and ideas 
User on four-wheeler. Photo: from www.kritto.seAdapted four-wheeler
A four-wheeler can be adapted for wheelchair users
User on motorcycle with support wheels down; wheelchair on luggage carrier. Photo: from www.kritto.seAdapted motorcycle
Motorcycle - adapted for wheelchair users
User on his trike in a raceAdapted motorcycle
Custom-built motorcycle for person who drives a wheelchair
User on her AddseatAddseat: a gyroscopic vehicle for people with physical disabilities
- a good complement to a manual wheelchair
The user with back support Photo: from www.kritto.seBack support
Back support for riding a motorcycle
User folds down wheelchair backrest. Photo: from www.kritto.seBringing the wheelchair along when riding motorcycle
The user attaches his wheelchair to the motorcycle
User riding bike with her children.Handbike
Power-assisted handbike that can be clipped on a manual wheelchair - allows bicycling on equal terms
Stricker attached to a manual wheelchair (Photo from www.woodstar.se)Handbike Stricker
- convert wheelchair into a hand/arm bike
User cyclingHandcycle
- enables people with disabilities to ride a bike on equal terms
User on motorcycle. Photo: www.rullarnas.seModified motorcycle
Modified motorcycle 3-wheel motorcycle - suitable for people with disabilities
Conquest motorcycleMotorcycle for wheelchair users
The motorcycle can be operated while sitting in a wheelchair
Hunting with a quad bike. Photo from www.rullarnas.seQuad bike
A mobility aid for people with disabilities who want to get out into nature
User riding recumbent bicycle. The wheelchair is attached to the tow hook.Recumbent bicycle with electric wheel and tow hook for wheelchair
Facilitates bike riding for individuals with impaired strength or disability
El-gopedSimple electric scooter
Simple electric scooter - suitable for persons with impaired walking ability and good trunk balance
User on motorcycle, support wheels in lowered position. Photo: from www.kritto.seStarting a motorcycle
Using hinged support wheels wheelchair users can drive a motorcycle
User places leg on motorcycle foot pedal. Photo: from www.kritto.seTransfer from wheelchair to motorcycle
Independent transfer for paraplegics
User on his arm cycleUse of arm cycle outdoors
Arm cycle that allows cycling for training purposes for people with disabilities
With Zoomcamp in the woods (the person in the photo is not the user). Photo from www.zoomability.comVehicle with good mobility in rough terrain, Zoomcamp
A battery-powered, four-wheel drive bike suitable for people with disabilities