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Housing: Door opener

29 tips and ideas 
House with two entrances, one with steps and along side, a second entrance leading directly to elevator Entrance to wheelchair accessible home
Modified home with elevator that also serves as wheelchair accessible entrance
Two-part door to bedroomAdapted door for wheelchair user
Wide doors blend in with the style of the house
Extra handle attached to a doorAdapted door for wheelchair users
An extra handle close to the door hinges makes it easier for a person who drives a wheelchair to close a door
Automatic door openerAutomatic door opener
Automatic door opener with various controls.
Automatic door opener, entranceAutomatic door opener
Automatic door opener suitable for persons who drive a wheelchair
Programmable wall outletsBus system for electrical installations
The bus system makes it possible to control all electrical functions in the house from one transmitter; suitable for persons with extensive disabilities
IR transmitterControl unit for environmental control system
Transmitter to control alarm and door opener.
IR transmitterControl unit for environmental control system
IR transmitter used to control automatic doors, lift, balcony door, speaker phone, garage and TV
Ski pass holder attached to door handleDoor closer for exterior door
A simple solution to close the door after entering or leaving, suitable for wheelchair users
Door key card, attached to wheelchair frameDoor opener at work
Opening the door is easy with a key card and card reader – suitable for wheelchair users
Wall switch for electric door lock openerElectric door lock opener
Enables a person with disabilities to unlock a door by pushing a button
Door peephole viewer Brinno on apartment doorElectronic door “PeepHole Viewer”
- makes it possible to see who is standing outside the door before opening it
Helena in elevator; she presses elevator button with wheelchair frontwheelElevator and elevator buttons
Control elevator with wheelchair footrests/front wheels – an option for people without arm/hand function
Entrance telephoneEntrance telephone
Entrance telephone makes it possible to speak with someone standing outside the door and enables to open and lock the door from the bed
Entrance telephone on night tableEntrance telephone in night table
The entrance telephone is always accessible when the user is in bed – suitable for persons who cannot transfer from the bed independently
Entrance to house with string as door closerEntrance to house with simple door closer
Wheelchair users can close outward-opening doors by using a simple home-made door closer
Gewa progress, mounted on the inside of the wheelchair armrestGewa Progress - advanced remote control
Well arranged, high-capacity infrared transmitter for environmental control system
User closes the door using a grab barGrab bar as door closer
- a simple way to close doors - suitable for wheelchair users
Handle on doorHandle on door as door closer
A handle on the door makes it possible for a wheelchair user to close the door after entering or leaving room
Transmitter on strap that holds thighs togetherHolder for transmitter of environmental control
The transmitter sits on a strap that holds the thighs together.
Locking knob, attached to doorLocking knob that makes it easier to open door lock
Assistive device for persons with impaired hand function to be able to handle a locking knob
User by front doorLow lock catch for front door
Low lock catch for front door facilitates for wheelchair users
Door closer with stringLow-tech door closer
Solution enables wheelchair users to close doors that open outwards after coming inside
User opens sliding doorOpen and close terrace door in adapted house
A simple modification enables a person with a high spinal cord injury to open and close a sliding door without assistance
Attachment of string (close-up)Simple mechanical door closer
Simple solution for wheelchair users to close outward-opening doors
Door with cord that serves as door closer. Photo: Katharina RatzkaSimple mechanical door closer
Simple solution to close an outward opening door from inside - suitable for wheelchair users
Sliding door with brass handles (close-up)Sliding door to bedroom, etc
Sliding door with large handles – suitable for wheelchair users who have impaired hand function
User opens sliding doorSliding doors in accessible housing
- convenient and space saving - suitable for wheelchair users
User drives through the doorWidening doorway
A method to widen a doorway in tight spaces - suitable for wheelchair users