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Housing: Elevators and lifts

15 tips and ideas 
House with two entrances, one with steps and along side, a second entrance leading directly to elevator Entrance to wheelchair accessible home
Modified home with elevator that also serves as wheelchair accessible entrance
Ramp in front of entranceAccessible entrance
An aluminum frame and a platform elevator make an apartment building from the turn of the last century accessible for wheelchair users.
User moves bowlAdapted bowl for microwave oven
Cord attached to a bowl works as handle and enables a person without dexterity to grasp the bowl and move it
Chair stairliftChair stairlift
Chair stairlift in two-story house with narrow stairway.
IR transmitterControl unit for environmental control system
IR transmitter used to control automatic doors, lift, balcony door, speaker phone, garage and TV
Helena in elevator; she presses elevator button with wheelchair frontwheelElevator and elevator buttons
Control elevator with wheelchair footrests/front wheels – an option for people without arm/hand function
Elevator on lower floorElevator in multilevel apartment
Installing an elevator makes both floors of a multilevel apartment accessible for wheelchair users
Entrance to elevator on ground floorElevator in old-fashioned house
An elevator that fits in with the style of the house and makes it wheelchair accessible
User in utility room entrance with elevator in background. Photo: Katharina RatzkaElevator in two-storey home
- a solution to make a two-storey home wheelchair accessible
Elevator opener made of orthotic materialMechanical elevator opener
An emergency solution that makes it possible for a user in a wheelchair with impaired hand function to open the elevator door from the inside, if this should not occur automatically
User on lift plateOutdoor lift
Outdoor lift – a simple way to get to a garden on a slope
Elevator door, upper levelShaft elevator in accessible house
Shaft elevator in 2-storey house – suitable assistive device for wheelchair users
User on stairlift with "emergency bag"Stairlift safety
- user always has an alarm with him when riding on stairlift
Stairlift with chair, footrest raisedStairlift with chair
Stairlift with chair - can make a two-storey house with narrow stairwells wheelchair-accessible
User on stairliftStairlift with platform
Stairlift that travels over 3 floors in a slightly curved stairway; for wheelchair users.