homepageTips and tricks from people with spinal cord injuries (SCI).
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Joystick mounted on camera tripodCamera tripod as joystick holder for controlling computer
Camera tripod works well as a joystick holder for persons who control the joystick with their chin
User in front of computerControl of computer without arm/hand function
Custom modifications make it possible for persons without function in their arms and hands to play computer games
User with 2 sip/puff controls on headsetExtra sip/puff control for computer
Double sip/puff controls help a person without arm or hand function to play computer games
JoyboxJoybox to control computer
Joybox is a keyboard input device suitable for persons without arm or hand function who want to play computer games
User controls joystick with chinJoystick to control computer
Custom-designed joystick to control computer games with chin
Microphone on camera tripodMicrophone to control computer
The microphone is an alternative method for controlling a computer for persons who do not have arm or hand function to play computer games