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Looking after ones health: Handling of medicine

7 tips and ideas 
Adapted dosetteAdapted dosette
The dosette is useful for persons with impaired hand function
Latte frother in a glassBattery-operated frother
Frother suitable for persons with impaired hand function; useful for functions such as mixing medications
Medicine cardMedicine card
Medicine card with important information – suitable for people with specific diagnoses who need specialist care
User gives himself an insulin injectionModified insulin syringe
Simple modification of insulin syringe enables a person with extensive disabilities to give himself his shot
Programmable unitReminder to take medicine at the right time
Assistive device reminds user to take his medicine on time
User takes medicine with damp thumbTaking medicine
A person without dexterity can dampen a thumb to remove medicine from a dish
USB memory on keychainUSB memory with medical information
Accessible medical information suitable for people with specific diagnoses and medical care needs