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Communication: Handwriting/mouthwriting

14 tips and ideas 
Pen extension, screw mount, and brush next to itAdapted pen extension
Pen extension with screw mount used as mouth stick - suitable for people with extensive disabilities
Pen holder attached on wheelchairAdapted pen in penholder on wheelchair
Penholder for adapted pen on electrical wheelchair - suitable for persons with impaired handfunction
User writes with mouth penAdapted pen to be able to write with mouth
The mouthpiece on the pen makes it easier to write with the mouth - suitable for persons with extensive disabilities
Adjustable-angle wooden book standBook stand with adjustable angle
Book stand serves as a good holder for drawing paper/ canvas when painting by mouth
User draws with special extensionCustom penholder for mouth painting
Flexible holder for pen/pencil/brush – suitable for people who draw/paint with their mouth
Wheelchair table on stand in low positionCustomized wheelchair table
Wheelchair table enables a person with impaired arm and hand function to eat, read and write
User with wheelchair glovesWheelchair gloves
Custom-made gloves used for wheelchair driving and to hold utensils such as a pen or fork in place
User with wheelchair tableWheelchair table
- makes it easier to always have work materials accessible – suitable for people with severe disabilities
Pen inserted between thumb/index finger and ring fingerWrite by hand
Holding a pen – a technique for people who lack finger function
User writingWrite by hand
Ballpoint pen attached to wrist bandage makes writing by hand possible for people without hand function
User writes with pen in universal strapWrite using a pen in a universal strap
An easy-flowing pen in universal strap makes writing easier for people with impaired hand function
User removes pen coverWriting by hand
Writing by hand with the help of a wheelchair glove – technique for persons without dexterity
Writing orthosis in the user's handWriting splint; assistive device for writing
Assistive device for persons who cannot hold a pen
User writes with mouthWriting with mouth
Writing with the mouth – an option for people who do not have any arm/hand function