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Housing: Heating/cooling

7 tips and ideas 
Air-to-air heat pump, indoor unitAir-to-air heat pump maintains even temperature
Since persons with high spinal cord injuries frequently do not tolerate excessively high or low temperatures it is important to maintain a constant temperature indoors
The user transports firewood using a cart carrying a garden basketBasket on wheels for firewood
- a simple way for wheelchair users to transport firewood
Electric space heaterElectric space heater
Provides extra heat for persons who freeze easily.
Fireplace provides extra heat for persons who have a hard time staying warm.
Sitting area in living roomSpacious living room
Spacious living room with glass walls on two sides – suitable for wheelchair users
Thermometer and clock on electric wheelchair’s control panelThermometer and clock on wheelchair
A thermometer and clock that are always accessible
User by patio furniture on deckWooden deck outside adapted house
Spacious wooden deck suitable for wheelchair users