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Looking after ones health: Keeping warm/ keeping cool

50 tips and ideas 
Accessible saunaAccessible sauna
Sauna increases well-being of person with quadriplegia
Accessible sauna with hinged bench Accessible sauna
Large sauna planned for electric wheelchair access
Sauna with glass doorAccessible sauna
Accessible sauna - suitable for persons who drive a wheelchair and who easily freeze
Sauna – part of the upper and lower benches removedAccessible sauna
Simple adaptation in sauna – suitable for wheelchair users
Air-to-air heat pump, indoor unitAir-to-air heat pump maintains even temperature
Since persons with high spinal cord injuries frequently do not tolerate excessively high or low temperatures it is important to maintain a constant temperature indoors
The user with blanket attached using a mitten holderBlanket modified with mitten holder
A blanket sitting on the user’s lap is held in place by a mitten holder
ShawlCamel hair shawl to keep shoulders and upper arms warm
Holds heat - appropriate for persons who easily freeze
User with capCap with built-in cooling or heating elements
Custom-designed cap for persons with problems regulating body temperature
Combined ceiling fan and lightCeiling fan
The ceiling fan helps when it gets too hot in the summer; appropriate for persons who have problems with temperature regulation.
Ceiling fanCeiling fan
Ceiling fan helps persons who have problems regulating body heat to sleep on hot summer nights.
Ceiling lift track with ceiling liftCeiling lift between bed and bathtub
By opening up the wall above the bathroom door Anders can transfer from the bed directly to the bathtub using a ceiling lift
Chaps lying on floorChaps-style trousers for wheelchair users
Chaps are easy to put on and take off while sitting in a wheelchair.
Chaps, lying on the floorChaps-style trousers for wheelchair users
Chaps-style trousers that can be put on without having to move from the wheelchair
User with cooling vestCooling and heating vest
Vest with built-in hot or cold pads, suitable for persons with problems regulating body temperature
Table fanCooling fan
Cooling fan for persons who have problems with temperature control.
Spray bottle, photo: Clas OhlsonCooling off when it gets too hot
Simple tips for cooling off - suitable for persons who are sensitive to heat
BathtubCustom-built bathtub in larch wood
Larch wood bathtub with broad edge to help with transfers and stops for the feet; suitable for people with disabilities
Dodger on sailboatDodger on adapted sailboat
Custom easy-to-use dodger keeps user warm and dry on boat; extremely suitable for persons with physical disabilities.
Electric heating padElectric heating pad
Electric heating pad, practical for persons who have problems regulating body temperature
Electric space heaterElectric space heater
Provides extra heat for persons who freeze easily.
User with feet warmerFeet warmer
- easy to put on and take off while sitting - suitable for wheelchair users
Fireplace provides extra heat for persons who have a hard time staying warm.
User with fur on legsFur
Fur keeps legs warm - suitable for wheelchair users who easily freeze
User opens sliding door to enclosed patioGlassed-in patio with infrared heating
A glassed-in patio allows people who freeze easily to be outdoors on chilly days and evenings – suitable for wheelchair users
User with heated gloves and battery pack onHeated gloves
Thermostat-controlled heated gloves
Heating fanHeating fan
Used for extra heat in work room, appropriate for persons who get cold easily.
Heating fan at work tableHeating fan
Heating fan suitable for persons who find it difficult to regulate body temperature.
User sitting by heating fanHeating fan
Freestanding heating fan is a good source of supplemental heating for persons who easily become cold
Heating fanHeating fan with built-in thermostat
A heating fan by the workplace helps persons with impaired hand and/or arm function to avoid tension in their shoulders.
User with heating pad on lapHeating pad for microwave oven
Heating pad – a good assistive device for people who freeze easily
Heating pad lying on bedHeating pad with timer
Heating pad with timer warms the bed
Wall-mounted infrared heater from Infrasved. Photo from www.infrasved.seInfrared heating
- a good way to quickly increase heat, for example, in the bathroom or the workplace - suitable for people who easily freeze
Massage device - handle with moving rollersMassage device
For massages, to increase circulation and warm the body
User in barrel sauna Photo: www.rullarnas.seModified barrel sauna
- accessible for wheelchair users
User with rain capeRain cape
Rain cape appropriate for wheelchair users
User with rain poncho from the frontRain poncho for bicyclists
A rain poncho for bicyclists works as rain gear for wheelchair users.
User with Back on Track shirtShirt that stays warm and dressing technique
Appropriate clothing for people with disabilities
Sitting area in living roomSpacious living room
Spacious living room with glass walls on two sides – suitable for wheelchair users
Spray bottle and userSpray bottle with pump
A water spray bottle works well for cooling off on hot days.
The thermal insole battery pack sits on the outside of the shoeThermal insoles
Thermal insoles keep feet warm – suitable for people who easily freeze
Inner glove (Photo from www.värmekläder.se)Thermostat-controlled inner gloves
Thin heated inner gloves prevent hands from becoming cold – easy to put on even for people with somewhat impaired hand function
User on stool next to the bathtubTransfer to whirlpool bath
- an option for wheelchair users with strong arms
Vibrating foot bathVibrating foot bath
Vibrating foot bath can accelerate healing of wounds and improve circulation
User with blanket over her legs. Photo: Katharina RatzkaWarm blanket for cool evenings
Blanket that’s just the right size - suitable for wheelchair users
Lined fabric bootWarm overshoes
Lined fabric boots - suitable for wheelchair users
User drives wheelchair while wearing custom-made wheelchair mittensWarm wheelchair gloves
Mittens with large opening adapted with hard rubber, used as wheelchair gloves in winter
Wheat cushion on user’s headWheat cushion provides extra heat
Wheat cushion appropriate for persons who freeze easily.
Sauna entrance with on/off button on the wallWheelchair accessible sauna
An accessible sauna that can be used while sitting on a shower chair on casters
Whirlpool tub with ceiling liftWhirlpool tub
A hot bath can help persons who find it difficult to stay warm and have problems with spasticity
User with work glovesWork gloves
Assembly gloves protect hands during work on a farm – suitable for persons with impaired sensation