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Carrying, moving and handling objects: Lifting and carrying

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User moves bowlAdapted bowl for microwave oven
Cord attached to a bowl works as handle and enables a person without dexterity to grasp the bowl and move it
User holds his phone with help of the loopAdapted Iphone and Iphone holder on wheelchair
A simple way to be able to pick upp the phone and to attach it to the wheelchair - suitable for persons with impaired handfunction
The user holds the radio, little finger inserted in key ringAdapted radio
Simple modifications make a transistor radio manageable for a person with impaired hand function
Shower handle with selecta band (close-up)Adapted shower handle
"Selecta band" on shower handle makes it possible for persons without dexterity to hold on in the shower
Attachment on wheelchair armrestAttachment on wheelchair
A holder on the wheelchair is practical for attaching various objects – suitable for persons with impaired hand function
String tied to briefcase handleBriefcase with customized handle
A string tied to the briefcase handle enables persons with impaired dexterity to pick it up
Service dog fetches a newspaperCarry, hold, fetch – help from service dog
A service dog can provide everyday help to wheelchair users by carrying, fetching, or holding objects
Combi stroller with soft fabric carrierCombi stroller with soft fabric carrier
A Combi-stroller works well for parents with disabilities who have young children
The user holds the popsicle stick using the custom-designed holder.Custom-designed holder for popsicle stick
- enable people with impaired hand function to hold a popsicle stick
User picks up the mobile phone’s plexiglas handle with thumbCustomized handle for mobile phone
Custom modification to phone for persons with impaired hand function
Dog training for service dogDog training
Dog training for service dogs provides assistance in daily life to people with disabilities
The user training in the gym using exercise aids. Photo: www.activehands.co.ukExercise aids
Exercise Aids allowing indenpendent gymtraining för persone with impaired handfunction
The user hammering using the gripping aid. Photo: www.activehands.co.uk Gripping Aid
A gripping aid to improve grippfunction and to facilitate everyday activities for persons with impaired handfunction
Homemade handle, with and without key ring, on remote control and phoneHomemade handle
Homemade handle of cernit clay with and without key ring
User puts on a wheelLifting a wheelchair out of a passenger car
Technique for people with strong arms
Magazine holder with leather shoelace as handleMagazine holder with handle
A modification that enables persons with physical disabilities and impaired hand function to handle magazine holders.
Milk container with handleMilk container with large handle
– aids people with impaired hand function
Modified milk container holderModified milk container holder
A strap taped to the milk container holder works well for persons with impaired hand function.
User holds his adapted toothbrushModified toothbrush
A holder that enables people without finger function to hold a toothbrush
User holds the wallet with the help of a loopModified wallet
With the help of a loop a person with impaired hand function can easily pick up a wallet
User with mouth stickMouth stick
An important assistive device for a person with a high spinal cord injury that can be used in many different situations
User removes hot baking dish from ovenOven in modified kitchen
Oven with side-hinged door makes it easier for wheelchair users with impaired balance to place bakeware in oven and to remove it
User lifts in wheelchair framePlacing a wheelchair into a passenger car
Technique for people with strong arms
Reach extenderReach extender for use on motorboat (and other purposes)
Strong reach extender appropriate for use on boat – suitable for wheelchair users
User pulls out oven rack with aluminum pliersRemove hot baking sheet from oven
Universal pliers make it easy to take a hot baking sheet out of the oven – suitable for persons with impaired hand function
Service Dog ZoeService Dog Zoe
Service dog provides daily living assistance for people with disabilities
Stand extended on wheelchair attachmentStand – the user’s “third hand”
A telescopic slide-out iron rod/stand to which many types of equipment can be attached. This stand enables a user who does not have any active hand function to hold on to various types of equipment.
User holds the phone against his ear with the help of key ring attached to the phone stringTelephone string
A simple solution for easier handling of a mobile phone – suitable for people with impaired hand function
Multi-tier platterThree-tier serving platter
Multi-tier serving platter that a person with impaired hand function can lift and hold
Tray on user’s lapTray to hold on lap
Tray suitable for persons using a wheelchair
The user holds the universal rod with his wrist in one cradle and small finger in the metal loopUniversal rod – description
A specially designed universal rod to retrieve both light and heavy objects – suitable for persons with compromised arm/hand function
User picks up remote control unitUniversal rod – use
Custom-designed rod enables persons with compromised arm/hand function to reach, retrieve and handle a number of different objects.
User with remote control to wheelchair crane; photo from Autoadapt, www.autoadapt.seWheelchair crane for car
Wheelchair crane that lifts a manual wheelchair into and out of the car trunk – suitable for people with disabilities and low strength
User lifts his scooter into the carWheelchair crane for moving a scooter in and out of the car
- suitable for people with disabilities