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Carrying, moving and handling objects: Picking up/taking down

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Key ring taped to a Clas Ohlson catalogueAdaptation for book or magazine
A key ring taped to a book makes it possible for a person with impaired hand function to handle the book
User holds his phone with help of the loopAdapted Iphone and Iphone holder on wheelchair
A simple way to be able to pick upp the phone and to attach it to the wheelchair - suitable for persons with impaired handfunction
User gets a battery out of the car trunkAluminum hook
A gripping aid to reach into the car trunk - suitable for wheelchair users
Service dog fetches a newspaperCarry, hold, fetch – help from service dog
A service dog can provide everyday help to wheelchair users by carrying, fetching, or holding objects
The user sweeps up Lego with a broom. Photo from mammapappalam.seClean up Lego with a broom
Sweeping up Lego is much easier than trying to pick up all the pieces, one by one – a simple method for parents with disabilities
Closet with open doorCloset without plinth
Adapted closet that makes it easier for a person in a wheelchair to come close to pick out clothing and objects
Device consists of aquarium net with modified passive handle and forearm supportDevice for picking things up from floor
A device to help pick objects up from the floor for people with disabilities and impaired hand function.
Dog training for service dogDog training
Dog training for service dogs provides assistance in daily life to people with disabilities
User picks up keys from floor using the magnet.Magnet for picking up metal objects from the floor
Suitable for persons with impaired hand function and who find it difficult to bend over to reach the floor
User picks a cup up from the floor using the modified rod.Modified rod
- enables people with extensive disabilities to pick objects up from the floor
User holds the wallet with the help of a loopModified wallet
With the help of a loop a person with impaired hand function can easily pick up a wallet
User hits object (phone) under table with towel to bring it closerPicking things up from the floor
Towel and plastic bag that a person with impaired hand function can use to pick things up from the floor.
The milk carton is on the floor next to the user's wheelchair wheel and she places a towel next to it.Picking things up from the floor with a towel
A towel can serve as an assistive device for persons with impaired hand function to pick up objects from the floor.
User holds playing card; driving licence is on floorPicking up small objects from the floor
Persons without finger function use a playing card to pick small objects up from the floor.
Passive pliers. Used for reaching, getting to and picking up things.
User gets a cup from the upper cabinet using pliersPliers to reach things in high deep cabinets
Wheelchair users can reach things that are farther away with pliers.
Reach extenderReach extender for use on motorboat (and other purposes)
Strong reach extender appropriate for use on boat – suitable for wheelchair users
Scissors tongs with elastic band 
Photo from www.swererco.se
Scissors tongs with elastic band
Scissors tongs can be used to withdraw credit cards from pay stations.
Service Dog ZoeService Dog Zoe
Service dog provides daily living assistance for people with disabilities
User holds the phone using the loop formed by the cable tieSmartphone handle and stand
Easy adaptation that serves as a handle and stand for the phone for people with impaired hand function
Dressing hookSpecialanpassad påklädningskrok Customized dressing hook
Assistive device with many applications for wheelchair users
User resets circuit breakers high up on the wall using a squeegeeSqueegee, an assistive device for circuit breakers
Wheelchair users can use a squeegee to reset circuit breakers.
User washes a chandelier while standing in the standing wheelchairStanding wheelchair
Standing wheelchair facilitates housework – suitable for wheelchair users
User standing in standing wheelchairStanding wheelchair
People who use a wheelchair can increase their independence at home by using a standing wheelchair and they can also stretch their leg joints.
User holds string tied to a loopString to pick binders up from the floor
A piece of string is a simple assistive device for persons with physical disabilities and impaired hand function to pick binders up from the floor
User with her service dogTrain a service dog by ‘clicking’
– a training method for service dogs
The user holds the universal rod with his wrist in one cradle and small finger in the metal loopUniversal rod – description
A specially designed universal rod to retrieve both light and heavy objects – suitable for persons with compromised arm/hand function
User picks up remote control unitUniversal rod – use
Custom-designed rod enables persons with compromised arm/hand function to reach, retrieve and handle a number of different objects.