homepageTips and tricks from people with spinal cord injuries (SCI).
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Looking after ones health: Preventing/healing ulcers

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User in saunaAccessible sauna
- with maneuvering space and custom ventilation hatch - suitable for wheelchair users
User lying on side in bed with wedge cushionAdapted wedge cushion for comfortable position on side in bed
- suitable for people with disabilities
Wheelchair cushion with reinforced side edgeAdapted wheelchair cushion
Simple modification of cushion for easy transfers
User takes a photo of a red mark using a selfie stick. Photo: Lars 'Geson' Andersson from Spinalis’ handbookCheck wounds using camera on selfie stick
A selfie stick makes it possible to keep an eye on the entire body – suitable for people with disabilities and impaired sensation
Rattan chair with pressure-relieving cushionCustom-made foam rubber chair cushions
- reduces risk of ulcers for people who lack sensation
User bends forwardEasing strain on buttocks
Technique for persons with poor balance and impaired arm/hand function to ease strain on buttocks
User with feet on foot restFoot rest on wheelchair
The foot rest helps position feet properly and prevents pressure ulcers when the user does not wear shoes
User with soft footrestFootrest
A soft footrest on the wheelchair makes shoes unnecessary indoors
Aquatec Laguna hygienic chair with ROHO hygiene cushionHygienic chair
Shower and hygienic chair with customized armrest, suitable for persons with extensive disabilities
User relieves pressure on seat by leaning forward on trayLap tray that stays on lap
Tray with many applications for people who drive a wheelchair
User with leg in raised positionLegs in raised position in active wheelchair
Holding legs in raised position accelerates wound healing
Mattress for pressure ulcer preventionMattress for pressure ulcer prevention, with compressor
Hanging the compressor on a string can reduce vibrations.
Mirror hanging on bed handleMirror to check ulcers
It is important for people with impaired sensation to check their skin regularly
Mobile shower and toilet chair, Aquatec OceanMobile shower/toilet chair on casters
Combined shower and toilet chair on castors
Oven gloveOven glove
Oven glove protects hands when handling hot baking sheets – suitable for persons with impaired sensation
User lies on back with legs on psoas cushionPositioning cushions in bed
Positioning cushions to lie comfortably, improve circulation and prevent decubitus ulcers - suitable for persons with extensive disabilities
Pressure relieving mattress picture 1Pressure relieving mattress
Mattress for pressure ulcer prevention with quiet motor – suitable for persons with ulcer problems
ROHO-MINI-MAX cushion on shower chairPressure relieving shower cushion
Used successfully in many contexts, such as the shower, airplane trips, the car, etc.
Cushion with air cellsPressure-relieving cushion for plane trips
– suitable for people with impaired sensation
Pressure-relieving mattress lying on bedPressure-relieving mattress
Solution for persons with spinal cord injuries
User in his Permobil with Recaro seat.Recaro seat on electric wheelchair (Permobil)
- provides comfortable seating for people who use electric wheelchair
Roho cushion on driver’s seatRoho cushion in motorboat
Cushions with many applications – suitable for persons with impaired sensation
User on couch with roll cushion to relieve heelsRoll pillow on couch to relieve heels
- suitable for people who lack sensation
Gel cushion on seat in boat
Seat cushion in boat
Pressure-relieving seat cushion
Self-inflating seat pad on shower chairSelf-inflating shower cushion
A self-inflating seat pad works well as shower cushion – suitable for wheelchair users who have impaired sensation
Roho-Adaptor cushion on Swift shower stoolShower stool with pressure-relieving cushion
- suitable for people who lack sensation
User transfers to bed using sliding mat.Sliding mat for transfers
The sliding mat prevents chafing and requires less strength during transfers to the bed or shower chair
User with her thermal mugThermal mug with large handle
Thermal mug with large handle suitable for people with impaired grip and reduced sensation
Vibrating foot bathVibrating foot bath
Vibrating foot bath can accelerate healing of wounds and improve circulation
User places wood in wood stoveWelding glove for building fire in the stove
Welding glove protects against burns – suitable for persons with impaired sensation
Adapted calf strap, from behindWheelchair - adapted calf strap
A broad padded calf strap makes sitting in Panthera wheelchair more comfortable
User with feet on footrestWheelchair - Engblom comfort footrest
Padded footrest on wheelchair prevents pressure ulcers when barefoot
User sitting on the StimuLITE cushionWheelchair cushion StimuLITE
A wheelchair cushion that prevents decubitus ulcers - suitable for persons who lack sensation
User with work glovesWork gloves
Assembly gloves protect hands during work on a farm – suitable for persons with impaired sensation