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Book in BookGem, attached to lower edge of book. Photo: www.bookgem.com'BookGem' Book Holder
A folding book holder that holds the book spread in different reading positions - suitable for people with disabilities
Adapted book supportAdapted book support in wood
Adapted to be able to turn pages with a mouth stick - suitable for persons with extensive disabilities
User with book cushion on lapBook cushion
Tray with soft knee cushion as book support - suitable for persons who cannot hold a book
Adjustable-angle wooden book standBook stand with adjustable angle
Book stand serves as a good holder for drawing paper/ canvas when painting by mouth
Night table with attachment on bedCustomized night table
An all-in-one night table with room for many functions that helps a person with a high injury to stay in touch with and have control over the rest of the world even when in bed
Wheelchair table on stand in low positionCustomized wheelchair table
Wheelchair table enables a person with impaired arm and hand function to eat, read and write
Book holder on deskFolding book holder
Book holder - important assistive device for persons who cannot hold books
iPad in floor standiPad stand
- facilitates using an iPad – suitable for people with impaired hand/arm function-
Manuscript holder with paper (close-up)Manuscript holder
Small lightweight manuscript holder that works well for one paper
Page turnerMotorized page turner
Enables persons with extensive disabilities to read books unassisted
Page turner sitting in the holderPage turner for the mouth
Turn pages with the mouth - an alternative for persons without arm/hand function
Night table with book support extended (reading table)Read and snack in bed
Combined reading and snack table integrated in a customized night table, suitable for persons with compromised or no arm and/or hand function
User sitting and reading a book at the reading table. Photo: Katharina RatzkaReading table
- facilitates reading books for people with impaired hand function
Book lying on wastebasket held open with paper clipReading while on the toilet
Using a wastebasket and a paper clip the user can read while on the toilet without having to hold the book - suitable for persons with poor trunk balance
User's hand is under a pageTurning pages
Wheelchair gloves make it easier for persons with impaired hand function to turn pages