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User at his arm cycleArm cycle on exercise stand
An exercise stand allows the user to operate the arm cycle either stationary or outdoors - a training tool for people with disabilities
User with her armbike. Photo: Jonas ArnesonArmbike
- addition to manual wheelchair that allows quick and comfortable mobility outdoors
User picks ball up from groundBall techniques
Technique for getting a ball up from the floor onto the player’s lap - suitable for players of wheelchair rugby with poor hand function
User gets assistance putting on soft corset as beltBelt for balance
Soft corset helps players hold their balance in wheelchair rugby
The user hammering using the gripping aid. Photo: www.activehands.co.uk Gripping Aid
A gripping aid to improve grippfunction and to facilitate everyday activities for persons with impaired handfunction
User riding bike with her children.Handbike
Power-assisted handbike that can be clipped on a manual wheelchair - allows bicycling on equal terms
Stricker attached to a manual wheelchair (Photo from www.woodstar.se)Handbike Stricker
- convert wheelchair into a hand/arm bike
User cyclingHandcycle
- enables people with disabilities to ride a bike on equal terms
User riding recumbent bicycle. The wheelchair is attached to the tow hook.Recumbent bicycle with electric wheel and tow hook for wheelchair
Facilitates bike riding for individuals with impaired strength or disability
User in his rugby wheelchair.Rugby chair
Wheelchair for wheelchair rugby
User rides on sitski. Photo: Malin EnglundSitskis
A sitski that provides good balance
Leather glove taped with sports tape (palm)Taped glove for rugby
Rugby gloves modified with sports tape
User with tennis racket taped to his handTaping tennis racket in place
Taping makes it possible for a tennis player with impaired hand function to firmly grip the racket
User in tennis chair from the frontTennis wheelchair
Special wheelchair with anti-tip device and positioning belt. The wheelchair is used to play tennis
User on his arm cycleUse of arm cycle outdoors
Arm cycle that allows cycling for training purposes for people with disabilities
User with rugby gloveWheelchair gloves for wheelchair rugby
Modified glove for wheelchair rugby
User throws the ballWheelchair Rugby
- team sport for people with tetraplegia
User plays tennisWheelchair tennis
Wheelchair tennis - a sport that can work for people with disabilities