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Housing: Storage

51 tips and ideas 
Accessible clothes closetAccessible clothes closet
Wheelchair accessible, easy to see clothes closet
Accessible storageAccessible storage
Storage unit with additional open space under roof
Fabric storage device with multiple pocketsBathroom storage
Practical storage for persons with limited reach or who use a wheelchair
Cleaning cabinet with open doorCleaning cabinet without plinth
Cleaning cabinet without plinth allows easy access to shelves and objects while sitting in the wheelchair.
User by closetCloset in the bedroom
Practically designed bedroom closet – suitable for families where one member uses a wheelchair
Closet with sliding doorsCloset with sliding doors
Easily accessible closet suitable for wheelchair users
Closet with closed sliding doorsCloset with sliding doors
Large closet in bedroom with sliding doors and easy-to-see interior
Closet with sliding doorsCloset with sliding doors
Spacious accessible closet – suitable for wheelchair users
Closet with open doorCloset without plinth
Adapted closet that makes it easier for a person in a wheelchair to come close to pick out clothing and objects
Clothes closetClothes closet
Accessible clothes closet
User in clothes closetClothes closet
Practical wheelchair-accessible clothes closet
Multi-level clothing rack.Clothing rack with hat shelf
Stylish space-saving clothing rack with different heights – suitable for wheelchair users
User rotates carousel in corner cabinetCorner cabinet with carousel in accessible kitchen
Carousel cabinet makes it easy to see contents and increases accessibility – suitable for wheelchair users
Counter cabinet with sliding drawer, open
Counter cabinet with drawers
Easy sliding drawers at the right height are conveniently accessible and appropriate for wheelchair users
User in the kitchen with drawer unit on castersCustom drawer unit on casters
- suitable for adjustable-height counter in custom kitchen
Storage unit with drawer pulled outEasily accessible mobile storage unit
A storage unit on castors can be used to keep many items organized and easily accessible, even for wheelchair users
Bracket with s-hooksEasily accessible storage in modified kitchen
Wall hung bracket with s-hooks and storage basket provide easily accessible storage in the modified kitchen.
Storage basketEasily accessible storage in modified kitchen
Practical food storage in a modified kitchen
Drawer with potsEasy-slide drawers in accessible kitchen
The content of the kitchen cabinets is easily organized and easily accessible for wheelchair users
Upper cabinetElectrically maneuvered cabinet in accessible kitchen
Remote-controlled adjustable height upper cabinet in accessible kitchen.
Hall with absorbent matHall in adapted house
Highly absorbent mat and hall bureau - suitable for wheelchair users
Transparent storage box with contentsHandy storage
Transparent storage boxes help to keep things organized and make it easy to find for people who can't take boxes down from a shelf - suitable for wheelchair users and/or people with poor hand function
Board with magnetsKey holder
Practical key holder with magnets – suitable for people with impaired hand function
Tall cabinet with doorsKitchen cabinet in accessible kitchen
The tall cabinets contain many shelves (the lower ones) that are accessible for wheelchair users
Knife blockKnife block suitable for persons with impaired grip
A knife block in which knives are placed horizontally is suitable for persons with impaired grip.
Low shelf with open compartments
Low shelf for magazine storage
A low shelf with open compartments is easily accessible for wheelchair users
Magazine holder with leather shoelace as handleMagazine holder with handle
A modification that enables persons with physical disabilities and impaired hand function to handle magazine holders.
User opens ‘garage door’ with remote control.Minigarage for electric wheelchair, "bread bin"
- dry, frost-free storage for electric wheelchairs and other aids
The user opens the drawer with the help of the loopModified bedside table
Practical storage drawer on bedside table
Tools hanging on wallOrganized tool storage
Tools mounted at right height – organized and easily accessible for wheelchair users.
Pantry with slide-out storagePantry with slide-out storage
Pantry with slide-out storage suitable for accessible kitchen.
Pantry with slide-out storage openPantry with slide-out storage
Easily visible and accessible pantry – suitable for wheelchair users
User pulls out a drawerPaper storage at workstation
Storage in drawers provides easy access to paper and documents – suitable for persons with limited reach
Open kitchen drawer with spice rackPractical spice storage in modified kitchen
Easily accessible spice storage in clear view
Bathroom cabinet - shelf sideRotating bathroom cabinet with mirror
Practical space-saving rotating bathroom cabinet, with mirror, shelves and open floor space – suitable for wheelchair users
User turns bookcaseRotating bookcase on casters
Practical space-saving bookcase – suitable for persons with limited reach
User by counter without lower cabinetSeparate cabinet with storage drawers and counter
Custom-built separate cabinet is easily accessible and practical for wheelchair users
Storage with curtainStorage area adjacent to bedroom
Organized storage area - suitable for persons who need assistive devices and hygiene products
Storage bin on castersStorage bin on casters
Toy storage bin on casters is appropriate for parents with disabilities who have young children
Two containers one on top of the other and a third along sideStorage containers for persons with impaired grip
Practical food storage for persons with impaired grip.
Storage crate on castersStorage crate on casters
Storage crate on casters – easy to move for wheelchair users
The user by bureauStorage for draining materials
Bureau with drawers is easily accessible and easy to see for wheelchair users.
StorageStorage for wheelchair and other assistive devices
People with disabilities need room for storage
Storage furniture for toysStorage furniture for toys
Lightweight portable storage furniture is convenient for wheelchair users
Drawer as pantryStorage of household utensils and food
Easy to see and easily accessible kitchen drawer – appropriate for wheelchair users
Wall-mounted open shelves in storage roomStorage room
Practical storage adjacent to bedroom – suitable for wheelchair users
Storage unit on castersStorage unit on casters
Practical portable open storage unit in bathroom
Storage unit on casters under workspace with knee accessStorage unit on casters under workspace with knee access
Convenient mobile storage units work well in accessible kitchens.
Storage unit on casters in kitchen work islandStorage units on casters in accessible kitchen
Provides accessible storage for persons with limited reach
User next to storage boxesTransparent storage boxes
- suitable for wheelchair users
Washing machine on pedestal with drawerWashing machine on pedestal
Elevated washing machine makes it easier for wheelchair users to do laundry