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Housing: Summerhouses

21 tips and ideas 
Bathroom with shower stall and electric toiletAccessible bathroom in vacation home
A bathroom addition - summer cottage solution for wheelchair users
User at dockAccessible boat dock at vacation home
Hinged floating dock - suitable for wheelchair users
Counter without lower, cabinet with electric cooktop, gas stove and sinkAccessible kitchen
Accessible kitchen in summer home with room for large family. Several people can cook simultaneously, both standing and wheelchair users.
Counter with kneespace and open shelvesAccessible kitchen on summer home veranda
Instead of adapting the kitchen in the summer home a new kitchen was built on the veranda.
Shower stall with shower wall foldedAccessible shower stall
Shower stall with walls that open and rubber strip - suitable for wheelchair users
Entrance with step and ramp on the sideAdapted summer home
Ramp and outdoor kitchen were built to make the summer home wheelchair accessible.
Built-in microwave ovenBuilt-in microwave oven
Space-saving installation of microwave oven in accessible kitchen.
Frying pan on LPB stoveCast-iron frying pan on LPG stove
Frying pan on LPB stove in adapted outdoor kitchen
Custom-made lounge chairCustom-made lounge chair
Lounge chair that facilitates transfers for wheelchair users.
Cinderella electric toiletElectric incinerating toilet
The electric toilet is a good alternative for a vacation home - suitable for wheelchair users
Hand shower with on/off button on handleHand shower
Hand shower at wash basin
Portable rampsPortable telescoping ramps
Lightweight adjustable-length aluminum ramps
Wooden ramp at terraceRamp by terrace
Wooden ramp for vacation home terrace
Ramp structure in archipelago gardenRamp construction in garden
Wooden ramps and deck structures make a garden in the archipelago wheelchair-accessible
The user drives on a wooden ramp over a ditchRamp to garden
Ramp across ditch on a wheelchair-accessible lot
Ramp to vacation home entranceRamp to vacation home
Wooden ramp with railing
SinkSink in accessible kitchen
Sink works well for wheelchair users and persons with impaired balance.
User on stairliftStairlift with platform
Stairlift that travels over 3 floors in a slightly curved stairway; for wheelchair users.
picture missingSummer home
Totally refurbished wheelchair-accessible summer home
Wooden terrace in front of vacation homeVacation home terrace
A wood terrace that makes a vacation home wheelchair accessible
Summer home with rampWheelchair accessible country home
Country home with accessible garden