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Carrying, moving and handling objects: Switching on and off

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Accessible deskAccessible desk
Desk with double work surface and accessible control panel for electric outlets
Cord switch attached to the work tableAccessible placement of power switch for desk lamp
- suitable for people with extensive physical disabilities
Echo dot. Picture from www.amazon.comAmazon Echo Dot
A voice controlled device used as an environmental control, to play music, to surf on the internet, and more
Programmable wall outletsBus system for electrical installations
The bus system makes it possible to control all electrical functions in the house from one transmitter; suitable for persons with extensive disabilities
User next to table with control units for TV, etcControl for TV, stereo, etc
Remote controls with foam rubber and writing stick make it possible for persons with impaired hand function to use TV, stereo, etc
User controls a sewing machine with her forearmControlling sewing machine with arms
Technique to control sewing machine for wheelchair users
Dog training for service dogDog training
Dog training for service dogs provides assistance in daily life to people with disabilities
Easy handle on boxed wine; user taps wine by pushing the handle upEasy Handle - a handle for the boxed wine
Assistive device for tapping wine out of a box - suitable for people with impaired hand function
Remote control with raised buttonsEasy-to-use remote control
Large raised buttons on remote control are easy to manipulate for persons with impaired hand function.
Helena in elevator; she presses elevator button with wheelchair frontwheelElevator and elevator buttons
Control elevator with wheelchair footrests/front wheels – an option for people without arm/hand function
Control ProgEnvironmental control
- facilitates remote control of TVs, CD players, VCRs, phones, and other electrical appliances
Gewa Prog transmitter  in holderEnvironmental control system on bed
An environmental control system that can be operated from the bed is suitable for persons with high spinal cord injuries
User turns on air exchangerExtension of string to turn air heat exchanger on and off
- makes it possible for a person who uses a wheelchair to turn on/off
User puts remote control unit in a fabric bag on lapFabric bag for control units
Convenient storage for remote control units, always accessible, suitable for persons with disabilities
User flushes toilet with the help of a stringFlush toilet using a string
With the help of a simple string a person with impaired hand function can easily flush the toilet
Gewa progress, mounted on the inside of the wheelchair armrestGewa Progress - advanced remote control
Well arranged, high-capacity infrared transmitter for environmental control system
Transmitter on strap that holds thighs togetherHolder for transmitter of environmental control
The transmitter sits on a strap that holds the thighs together.
Homemade handle, with and without key ring, on remote control and phoneHomemade handle
Homemade handle of cernit clay with and without key ring
Bed unit fitted with headphones and contact for blowing.Listen to radio and control bed
Opportunity to listen to radio in bed without disturbing a partner; suitable for persons who have compromised hand/arm function.
User at electricity cabinetLow-mounted electrical box with circuit breakers
- Suitable for wheelchair users
Modified car keyModified car key
- suitable for people with impaired hand function
Modified remote control devicesModified remote control devices
Modifications enable a user without finger function to grasp controllers and use them
Abilia transmitter adapted with 3M BumponModified transmitter for environmental control system
Self-adhesive 3M Bumpons on the transmitter facilitates control for people with impaired hand function
The motion detector sits on the ceiling next to the lightMotion detector as switch for light
Replace difficult to reach switch with motion detector
User with mouth stickMouth stick
An important assistive device for a person with a high spinal cord injury that can be used in many different situations
Service dog opens a closet doorOpen, close doors – help from service dog
A service dog can provide everyday help to people with disabilities by opening/closing doors or drawers
Radio standing on edge (close-up)Radio by the bed
Radio placed on its edge to enable persons with impaired arm/hand function to reach all buttons when lying in bed.
Adapted remote controlRemote control for wall radio
The remote control unit for the radio is always accessible from the bed
Service Dog ZoeService Dog Zoe
Service dog provides daily living assistance for people with disabilities
Dressing hookSpecialanpassad påklädningskrok Customized dressing hook
Assistive device with many applications for wheelchair users
User resets circuit breakers high up on the wall using a squeegeeSqueegee, an assistive device for circuit breakers
Wheelchair users can use a squeegee to reset circuit breakers.
Holder for remote control units on swivel telephone armStorage for remote control for radio/phone
Remote control units that sit on a firm surface are easier to use for persons with impaired hand function
User with foot on the computer’s power buttonTurning on computer with foot
- an easy way to turn on the computer for people who drive a wheelchair
User with writing stickUniversal holder on wrist bandage
Holder for flatware and typing sticks sewn onto wrist bandage, suitable for persons without wrist function or finger dexterity
Universal knobUniversal knob for doors, stove and lock
Portable and adapted handle that enlarges and therefore makes it easier for a person with impaired hand function to twist/open/close various types of lock and stove knobs.
Universal rodUniversal rod with molded handle
Assistive device for writing and for picking up various objects for persons with impaired dexterity.
User dials a phone numberUsing cordless landline phone
Handsfree headset for cordless phone – a good aid for persons with impaired hand function
Adapted wireless switchWireless switch
Adapted wireless remote control for switch