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Mobility: Transfers into and out of cars

35 tips and ideas 
User presses the adapted release buttonAdapted quickrelease
– makes it possible for people with impaired hand function to independently put on/take off wheelchair wheels
User lifts leg and puts sliding board in placeAdapted sliding board
Sliding board with extra anti-slip material
Bag with sliding board, attached to user’s wheelchair. Photo: Katharina RatzkaBag for folding sliding board
Custom-sewn bag for sliding board that can be attached to the wheelchair
Sliding board between wheelchair and car seat; user sitting in wheelchairBroom handle for back support when transferring to automobile
Independent transfer to car by person with high spinal cord injury.
Amphibious vehicle with lift (the people in the picture are relatives of the user)Custom designed lift for car
- lift that allows a person with extensive disabilities to get into a car with open roof
Custom tailored protective cover for carCustom-tailored protective cover for car
The cover protects the car seat when the wheelchair is placed in the car.
Driver's seat rotated 90 degreesElectrically adjustable driver's seat in modified car
- facilitates transfers between wheelchair and driver's seat
Garage and path to garageGarage adapted to minivan
In order to avoid a slope for the car ramp, the level of the ground at the side of the garage was raised to the same level as the floor of the car – suitable for persons with compromised arm function
User on the way from house to garageGarage in adapted house
Two-car garage with direct entry to the house – suitable for people with disabilities who drive a van with ramp on the side
User transfers from wheelchair to car with sliding boardHomemade sliding board for transfers to and from car
- Suitable for wheelchair users
User operates side door/lift from outside the vehicleLift for modified van
- facilitates transfer to and from the car for people with disabilities
User puts on a wheelLifting a wheelchair out of a passenger car
Technique for people with strong arms
User tilts wheelchair on foot barLifting the wheelchair into the car
Technique for people with impaired balance and impaired arm/hand function
User opens side doorModified Chrysler minivan
- enables a person with tetraplegia to drive a car
User drives his car with space driverModified van
A van that can be fully controlled with a joystick - suitable for people with severe disabilities
Passenger seat coverPassenger seat cover
Custom-sewn cover for passenger seat – suitable for wheelchair users who place the wheelchair on the passenger seat when driving
User on path into the garage (from inside)Path between garage and house in accessible housing
Short dry path between house and garage – important for persons who use electric wheelchairs and who drive cars
User lifts in wheelchair framePlacing a wheelchair into a passenger car
Technique for people with strong arms
User pulls protective covering over his lapProtection for car seat
Custom sewn covers for the car seat protects both the user and the car seat from dirt when he places a wheelchair in the car
Wheelchair secured with strap, metal hook sits on wheelchair grip ringSecuring the wheelchair during transfers to and from the car
A simple strap can prevent the wheelchair from sliding away when transferring to and from the car
Sliding board in black plastic on car seatSliding board
Facilitates transfers to and from the wheelchair
User on sliding board between wheelchair and lounge chairSliding board
Sliding board made of wood
User transfers from car to wheelchairSmall transfer mat
Small convenient transfer mat to avoid chafing during transfers
Specially designed sliding boardSpecially designed sliding board
Specially designed sliding board is easier to pull out from underneath the user after transfers.
User with transfer strap around thighsStrap as assistive device for transfers
Strap around thighs facilitates transfers – suitable for wheelchair users
Tetra quick release attached by hub of drive wheelTetra quick release
Tetra quick release enables people with impaired hand function to remove and attach the rear wheels from and to the wheelchair
User takes the wheelchair out of the carTransfer from minivan to wheelchair
Transfer technique from a car with sliding doors – suitable for wheelchair users with strong arms
User sets the brake on the wheelchairTransfer from the wheelchair to the car
Technique for people with impaired balance and impaired arm/hand function
User moves into the carTransfer from wheelchair to a minivan
Transfer technique into a minivan using sliding doors – suitable for wheelchair users with strong arms
User moves from wheelchair to carTransfer from wheelchair to driver's seat in car
Transfer technique for wheelchair users who have strong arms
User seated in wheelchair on the way into the car; built-in sliding board is folded downTransfer to car
Built-in sliding board facilitates transfers to a car for wheelchair users
Wheel coverWheel cover to protect trousers
A fabric bag over the wheelchair wheels protects trousers during transfers.
User with remote control to wheelchair crane; photo from Autoadapt, www.autoadapt.seWheelchair crane for car
Wheelchair crane that lifts a manual wheelchair into and out of the car trunk – suitable for people with disabilities and low strength
User lifts his scooter into the carWheelchair crane for moving a scooter in and out of the car
- suitable for people with disabilities
Wheelchair glovesWheelchair gloves
Individually manufactured gloves used for transfers (to or from wheelchair) and when operating the wheelchair.