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Mobility: Transfers with lifting devices

26 tips and ideas 
Ceiling lift with motor cassette and wall tracksCeiling lift
Discreet ceiling lift with attractive design
Ceiling track for ceiling liftCeiling lift between bathroom and bedroom
Ceiling lift on track from bathroom to bedroom.
Ceiling lift track with ceiling liftCeiling lift between bed and bathtub
By opening up the wall above the bathroom door Anders can transfer from the bed directly to the bathtub using a ceiling lift
Large plastic bag suspended from ceiling lift hangerCeiling lift in bathroom
Used not only as an aid for transfers, but also as an assistive device to enable high quadriplegics to wash.
Bedroom with ceiling lift and ceiling trackCeiling lift in bedroom
Ceiling lift on tracks placed on the ceiling, diagonally across the room.
Ceiling lift with bent ceiling trackCeiling lift in RV
Ceiling lift with bent U track make transfers possible in RV – suitable for people with extensive disabilities
Ceiling lift to loft bedroomCeiling lift over two floors
Ceiling lift over two floors makes it possible for a person with extensive disabilities to sleep in the loft
Amphibious vehicle with lift (the people in the picture are relatives of the user)Custom designed lift for car
- lift that allows a person with extensive disabilities to get into a car with open roof
NILCO floor hoistFloor hoist
Assistive device to transfer persons with high spinal cord injury.
Liko Light. Photo: www.liko.seFolding floor lift
Folding lift that can be transported in 3 bags
Hockey pucks, photo from sv.wikipedia.orgHockey pucks
Hockey pucks can be used as blocks to raise hotel beds - suitable for persons with disabilities
Bedroom with ceiling liftIndependent transfer with ceiling lift
Independent transfer with ceiling lift
The user must overcome difficulties to transfer independently using a ceiling lift.
Bed and ceiling liftIndependent transfer with ceiling lift
A method for high quadriplegics to move to the bed themselves in emergency situations
Lift in marinaLift for people with disabilities
- allows transfer to and from a boat with a municipal lift device
User with lift straps in placeLift strap
Narrow lift straps facilitate bathroom visits for people with extensive disabilities
Mobile floor lift GolvoMobile lift
Mobile lift Liko Golvo has an electric adjustable frame for easy transfers to a couch.
Metal bar of lift mounted on wheelchair attachment sitesMobile toilet
A folding lift attached to the wheelchair makes bathroom visits possible anywhere – suitable for women with extensive disabilities
Move with lift and neck roll (person in the picture is not the user)Neck roll cushion
The neck roll supports and helps to relax the neck during moves - suitable for persons with extensive disabilities who use a personal lift
Electric winch attached under roof ridgeOutdoor electric winch for transfers
An electric winch makes it possible to transfer between wheelchair and riding lawnmower, etc – suitable for people with disabilities
User and her husband at pool liftPool lift for outdoor pool
Stationary custom-designed pool lift makes it possible for people with disabilities to get in and out of a pool
Molift Smart 150. Photo from www.etac.comSmall folding and portable mobil hoist
- makes trips easier
Helena with strap around both wristsStraps for easy transfers with lift
Leather strap that holds hands together facilitates transfers for people without arm/hand function
Stationary lift next to sailboat on floating dockTransfer between sailboat and wheelchair with stationary lift
Transfer from sailboat to wheelchair with stationary hydraulic lift
User moves from wheelchair to lift chair. Photo: Katharina RatzkaTransfer to adapted excavator
Chairlift makes it possible to move from wheelchair to excavator
User transfers from wheelchair to horse using a lift (photo: Carin Bergfeldt)Transfer to horse
Lift that enables transfer to horse - opportunity for wheelchair users
Sailboat boomUsing boom to transfer onto sailboat
The boom of the sailboat and an electric winch can be used as a lift for persons with physical disabilities