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Communication: Use of alarm

9 tips and ideas 
BabymonitorAlarm for people with disabilities
A baby monitor is a good assistive device for calling the assistant – suitable for persons with compromised arm and hand function
Wireless baby monitorAlarm to assistants when traveling
A radio-controlled power switch or wireless baby monitor can serve as an alarm to assistants staying in another hotel room
Echo dot. Picture from www.amazon.comAmazon Echo Dot
A voice controlled device used as an environmental control, to play music, to surf on the internet, and more
IR transmitterControl unit for environmental control system
Transmitter to control alarm and door opener.
IR transmitterControl unit for environmental control system
IR transmitter used to control automatic doors, lift, balcony door, speaker phone, garage and TV
Night table with attachment on bedCustomized night table
An all-in-one night table with room for many functions that helps a person with a high injury to stay in touch with and have control over the rest of the world even when in bed
Transmitter for wireless alarmRoom for assistants
A separate room for assistants improves privacy for the user and the assistants
Adapted portable alarm transmitter attached to the wheelchair cushionSimple adapted alarm to call assistants
Alarm attached to the wheelchair - suitable for persons with physical disabilities and personal assistants
User on stairlift with "emergency bag"Stairlift safety
- user always has an alarm with him when riding on stairlift