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Communication: Use of phone

35 tips and ideas 
User holds his phone with help of the loopAdapted Iphone and Iphone holder on wheelchair
A simple way to be able to pick upp the phone and to attach it to the wheelchair - suitable for persons with impaired handfunction
User punches in a numberAdapted mobile phone
Adapted mobile phone – aids people with impaired hand function
Adapted phoneAdapted phone with storage
Voice-controlled portable telephone that works and is always accessible for a person who uses an electric wheelchair and has impaired hand function
User controls iPad with his mouthAdapted stick for iPhone and iPad
Customized touch pen makes it possible to control iPhone and iPad with the mouth
User with Bluetooth headsetBluetooth headset for mobile phone
Bluetooth headset enables persons without function in arms or hands to use a mobile phone
User picks up the mobile phone’s plexiglas handle with thumbCustomized handle for mobile phone
Custom modification to phone for persons with impaired hand function
Night table with attachment on bedCustomized night table
An all-in-one night table with room for many functions that helps a person with a high injury to stay in touch with and have control over the rest of the world even when in bed
User with Stylus CosmonautEasy-grip stylus pointer for mobile phone and iPad
Easy-grip stylus with rubberized outer layer
Gewa Prog transmitter  in holderEnvironmental control system on bed
An environmental control system that can be operated from the bed is suitable for persons with high spinal cord injuries
User makes a phone call with help of free phone number information serviceFree phone number information
- service for people with disabilities (in Sweden)
User with his Gear watchGear watch
A convenient way to access the mobile phone - suitable for people with disabilities
Gewa progress, mounted on the inside of the wheelchair armrestGewa Progress - advanced remote control
Well arranged, high-capacity infrared transmitter for environmental control system
User with headsetHeadset for landline and mobile phone
Headset for telephone - assistive device for persons with extensive disabilities
iPhone attached to user's thighsHolder for iPhone
- prevents iPhone from falling and makes it easily accessible and easy to use – suitable for wheelchair users with impaired hand function
Using mobile phone on holder with mouth stickHolder for mobile phone and cordless home phone
With a holder for the mobile phone and a stick the user can operate the telephone with his mouth.
Homemade handle, with and without key ring, on remote control and phoneHomemade handle
Homemade handle of cernit clay with and without key ring
Mobile phone with holder on wheelchairMobile phone with holder on wheelchair
Mobile phone with headset - assistive device for persons without arm and hand function
Portable telephone with Plexiglas handlePortable telephone with homemade handle
Adapted handle for phone, suitable for persons with impaired hand function
User holds the phone using the loop formed by the cable tieSmartphone handle and stand
Easy adaptation that serves as a handle and stand for the phone for people with impaired hand function
iPhone in mobile phone holder on wheelchair tableSmartphone with holder
A smartphone placed in a holder on the wheelchair table can be controlled with a mouth stick – suitable for people with extensive disabilities
Telephone on swivel armSpeaker phone on swivel arm
Adapted speaker phone works for a person without active hand function
The user writes text messages on his iPhone with the stylusStylus touch pen in universal strap
Stylus for controlling touch displays - suitable for people with impaired hand function
Speaker phone and mobile phone on holder, TV remote sitting attached to the telephone with a rubber bandTelephone by night table
With a holder for speaker phone by the bed, the telephone is always accessible for persons with impaired arm and/or hand function.
User with mobile phone and headsetTelephone for persons without arm/hand function
Telephone does not work satisfactorily for persons without arm/hand function
Telephone holder on shower chairTelephone holder on shower chair
Accessible phone even when showering
User holds the phone against his ear with the help of key ring attached to the phone stringTelephone string
A simple solution for easier handling of a mobile phone – suitable for people with impaired hand function
User wearing headsetTelephone with headset
Telephone with headset, with built-in speaker phone.
Telephone with lifting device and telephone receiver holderTelephone with holder for receiver
Telephone receiver holder – a solution for persons who are unable to hold the receiver
The user typing with his writing sticksTelephone- and typing sticks
Adapted pencil works as an assistive device for using telephone and computer - useful for persons with impaired handfunction
User punches in a number with telephone stickTyping and telephone stick
A stick inserted into the universal holder enables a person without dexterity to punch in a phone number and type on a computer
User with writing stickUniversal holder on wrist bandage
Holder for flatware and typing sticks sewn onto wrist bandage, suitable for persons without wrist function or finger dexterity
Helena with her wireless phone and headset.Use of phone assisted by computer and modem
– allows people with extensive disabilities to use a telephone independently
User with mobile phone in handUsing a mobile phone
Using a mobile phone – method for a person with a high spinal cord injury
User dials a phone numberUsing cordless landline phone
Handsfree headset for cordless phone – a good aid for persons with impaired hand function
User with wheelchair tableWheelchair table
- makes it easier to always have work materials accessible – suitable for people with severe disabilities